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2.2 HTML Document Structure

HTML documents are structured into two parts, the HEAD, and the BODY. Both of these are contained within the HTML element -- this element simply denotes this as an HTML document.

The head contains information about the document that is not generally displayed with the document, such as its TITLE. The BODY contains the body of the text, and is where you place the document material to be displayed. Elements allowed inside the HEAD, such as TITLE, are not allowed inside the BODY, and vice versa.

Example of Document Structure

    <TITLE> Environmental Change Project </TITLE>
    <h1> Environmental Change Project </h1>

    Welcome to the home page of the Environmental Change Project.
    This project is different from other projects with similar
    names.  In our case we actually wish to change the 
    climate.  For example, we would like hot beaches in Northern
    Quebec, and deserts near Chicago.

    <p>So how will we do this.  Well we do the following
    <li><A HREF="burn.html">Burn</A> more forests.
    <li>Destroy the 
        <A HREF="">Ozone</A> layer.
    <li>Birth more <A HREF="">cows</a>


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